Build the contact center
that makes your customers happy

Free up thousands of your agents’ hours with our conversational agents,
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Handle more calls, easily absorb call peaks, Build a 24/7 customer service

Solve requests on first contact, automate repetitive calls, optimize call duration

Eliminate waiting times, offer a tailor-made welcome, create a high-end experience

20+ major companies trust calldesk’s callbots to handle millions of calls every year

Every unsatisfied customer can be turned into a brand ambassador. But this requires a real change of approach with your contact center…

Alexandre Courbin calldesk voicebot callbot
Alex Courbin
Marketing Manager @ calldesk

Companies invest 10B€ per year in their customer relationship. Yet only one in 10 customers is satisfied with customer services. How can this gap be explained?

Vincent Gire CEO calldesk voicebot callbot
Vincent Gire, CEO
Interview @ BFM Business

82% of callers are dissatisfied with DTMF IVRs. How can natural language IVR improve the situation?

Aimé Dushimire Calldesk voicebot callbot
Aime Dushimire
Co-founder @calldesk

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