Absorb a x20 call peak to maintain
a >90% quality of service

Chief Operations Officer (COO)

@ French top tier company, logistics

calldesk has been working since the end of 2018 with the leading French logistics companies’ COO. He was looking for solutions to maintain a consistent quality of service, despite a recurring seasonal call peak.

An incoming call flow multiplied by 20 at the end of the year

Due to the online purchases’ peak as Christmas approaches, the contact center experiences very strong load peaks each year in November and December: a lot customers want to check or change the delivery date of a package. Due to these load peaks, the company has to recruit and train many temporary workers, generating significant financial costs.


Moreover, since calls often take place at the same times of the day, even a reinforced staff cannot always absorb the whole volume of calls. Therefore, the service quality is often deteriorated. And last, the period can be particularly difficult for the agents, who have to work very quickly and stay under strong pressure during many weeks. Consequence: the turnover increases, and happiness at work is falling down.

The goal: to respond immediately and efficiently to simple customer requests

The COO therefore wants to find a solution to absorb this seasonal peak, and maintain a quality of service higher than 85% at all times. If simple requests, like tracking a package or arranging a delivery, could be automated, it would lower the pressure on agents. It would also allow to hire and train less temporary workers, leading to important cost reductions. This reason has led him to use calldesk.

The result: a service quality over 90% throughout the call peak

A few weeks later, the result is very positive. The contact center is able again to cope with the end of the year call peak, customer service is now available 24/7, and callers are assured to get an effective response immediately. The quality of service is now higher than 90%, peak load or not.

x 20

Request handled

> 90 %

Quality of service

140 s.

Callbot AHT


Customer service available

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