Achieve a 75% selfcare rate on
a low value-added call flow

Customer Relationship Director

@ French Top tier company, Energy Sector

Since 2018, calldesk has been working with the Customer Relationship Director of a French energy distribution industry’s Top Tier player. She wants to improve the quality of service in its contact center, in order to increase the rate of calls answered and to reduce the waiting time of the callers.

A contact center obstructed by polluting calls

The problem for the Customer Relationship Department is the lack of human resources to handle all requests. Although employing more than 1,000 agents, the call center is overwhelmed with polluting calls, often with no added value.


In particular, the director has identified that tens of thousands of agents’ hours are lost every year on a specific use case: providing B2B partners a service number allowing them to be connected to the national network, while they are in intervention at private individual’s homes.


While the agents in intervention need to get a fast and reliable answer, it becomes more and more difficult to immediately satisfy all the requests. Waiting time is skyrocketing, the response rate is falling, and most importantly, the call center is spending more and more time on requests for which the intervention of a human agent is of no interest. Overall, the CRD estimates that this single use case mobilizes 20 FTEs each year.

The goal: to enable B2B partners to immediately get an answer in complete autonomy

The desire of the Customer Relationship Director is therefore twofold: no request from a B2B partner remains unanswered, and callers can get an immediate response, to no longer be put on hold. This would free up the time of its agents, so that they can devote themselves to tasks with higher added value. It was to achieve this goal that she is using calldesk.

The result: 75% of automated calls and a 40% decrease in AHT

Less than three months after launching the project, the polluting calls’ impact on the contact center has almost disappeared. Callers are now assured of a response: the quality of service is near 100%. In a selfcare logic, three quarters of calls are fully automated and absorbed by the virtual agent.

For the caller, it is the guarantee of an immediate response, and delivered more quickly: the call average handling time (AHT) has thus decreased by 40%. Lastly, agents are now unloaded from processing thousands of repetitive calls, and can be assigned to more interesting tasks where they can use their human qualities to solve callers’ problems.


Response rate

0 s.

Waiting Time


Selfcare rate

- 40%

Average Handling Time

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