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Answer every phone call

Increase customer satisfaction by offering an always available, instantly reachable, 24/7 service.

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Handle more calls

Immediately respond to requests, offer a warm experience to your customers, premiumize your service and increase your NPS / CSAT

Easily absorb call peaks

Adapt your contact center to one-off activity peaks, answer all your customers and avoid repeat contacts, reduce pressure on your team and improve well-being at work

Build a 24/7 customer service

Offer a service available at any time, evenings and weekends included, provide a personalized welcome to each customer, show that customers’ satisfaction is a core priority of your contact center


Quality of service is now over 90%, despite a call volume multiplied by 20! Customer service is now available 24 hours a day, and callers are assured of an effective response immediately

Chief Operations Officer @Top-tier French Logistics company

Even with call peaks, customers are now certain to get a response, and the quality of service is close to 100 percent. There is now a real complementarity between the virtual and the human agents, and the customers are sensitive to it

Head of Compensation @French Insurance Leader

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Improve customer satisfaction while reducing your operating costs.

Offer high-end, personalized customer service and improve your callers’ satisfaction.

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