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Three customer relationship KPIs
boosted by implementing a Callbot

Aimé Dushimire Calldesk voicebot callbot
Aimé Dushimire
Co-founder & Head of Sales

3 septembre 2018

Callbots automate simple and repetitive requests received in the contact center. But what concrete result can be expected from their implementation?

Little by little, virtual voice agents are finding their place in contact centres. New allies of advisors, they are dedicated to automating simple and repetitive requests, by supporting level 1 calls.

What can be expected from these new kinds of colleagues? What are the KPIs to be monitored, and what are the concrete results of the implementation of AI in call processing? This article gives a feedback on metrics directly impacted by the implementation of a voicebot!

#1 Quality of service (QS)

As a perpetual challenge for Customer Service, the absorption of customer contact flows remains a major issue. The equation between budgetary constraints and ambitious Quality of Service objectives often seems difficult to solve.

Deploying a callbot, which can handle simple requests autonomously, considerably increases the processing capacity of the Customer Relations Centre and has a positive impact on QS! On average, 40% of Customer Service calls can be handled by a virtual agent. All customer calls can be answered, while valuable minutes are saved for your advisors.

#2 The costs of handling level 1 calls

Automating the processing of simple calls, with no real added value, can reduce processing costs by up to 70%.

Delegating the processing of your simple and routine calls allows you to position your advisors’ expertise on more complex interactions, and make the most of their skills. Not all calls are equally complex. It is logical that the costs are proportional to the nature of the Customer demand. Your agents’ time is precious: save it for tasks with real added value!

#3 Waiting time for callers

Customer satisfaction today is expected to be instantaneous. The long waiting times are prohibitive, and threaten the loyalty of your Customers. 62% of Clients say they are annoyed by a too long waiting time (according to a CGI/EBG study). Waiting is therefore one of the main irritants for most consumers when they call their Customer Service.

Offering an automated and immediate response on simple requests, while freeing up agent time for more complex calls, therefore drastically reduces waiting time for your Customers.

Through the 3 KPIs mentioned above (QS, Costs, TA), the deployment of a callbot within your Customer Service department allows you to improve the operational efficiency of your Contact Center, while respecting your cost control challenges. By optimizing the handling of customer calls, a voicebot project helps you to best serve your primary ambition: maximize customer satisfaction! 

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