Automating repetitive phone calls to achieve a 100% Quality of Service

Head of Compensation

@ French Top tier Insurance Company

calldesk has been working since 2018 with the Head of compensation for an insurance sector’s Top Tier French player. His goal was to significantly improve its members’ satisfaction by increasing the quality of service in contact center.

 Peaks of calls reducing the quality of service

Unfortunately, achieving this goal is more complicated than expected, as the company experiences very high peaks of calls, particularly after large-scale weather events that generate a lot of claims. Many members call at the same time, and the customer service is completely overwhelmed, not able to meet all the demands. Sometimes, the quality of service can even fall below 30%.


The problem is even more serious, as non-answered callers reiterate their call until they reach an agent, keeping the peak lasting in time, and keeping the agents under pressure. And when these clients finally talk to an advisor, they are often annoyed and unpleasant, degrading their experience and that of agents.

The goal: to provide an immediate response to all phone calls

What the Head of Compensation wants is to be able to be present for its members in difficult to live and emotionally charged times. In order to do this, he must be able to immediately handle all requests, to ensure that no claim will be left unanswered. Thus, members would more easily validate their declaration’s date.

The callers would then be told that a counselor would contact them within forty-eight hours, in order to finalize the procedure. Advisors could take advantage of quieter moments to call back members, and offer them a better experience. It was this project that pushed him to use calldesk.

The result: a quality of service increasing from 30% to 100%

After an experimentation phase, the results are very positive. Even in the case of a peak of calls, customers are now sure to get a response, and the quality of service is close to 100%. A real complementarity has been established between the virtual agent and the human agents, and it leads to better customer satisfaction, rising up to 7.5/10.


The agents also benefit from this innovation, and confirm that customers are more collaborative and relaxed. They also respond more readily to the company’s satisfaction surveys, helping to better monitor their action’s effectiveness.


Customer service available


Response rate

110 s.

Average Handling Time


Customer Satisfaction

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