Quality of service is now over 90%, despite a call volume multiplied by 20! Customer service is now available 24 hours a day, and callers are assured of an effective response immediately

Chief Operations Officer (COO)
French top tier company, logistics

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Even with call peaks, customers are now certain to get a response, and the quality of service is close to 100 percent. There is now a real complementarity between the virtual and the human agents, and the customers are sensitive to it 

Head of Compensation
French Top tier Insurance Company

Thanks to exceptional team mobilization, three voice agents were put into production in just two months. They now independently treat more than one-third of claims

Head of Digital
French top tier Company, passenger transport

In a selfcare spirit, three quarters of calls are fully automated and absorbed by the virtual agent. We respond immediately to every call, AHT has decreased by 40%, and agents are unloaded from processing thousands of repetitive calls

Customer Relationship Director
French Top tier company, Energy Sector

Other testimonials

“We were able to validate the solution’s ROI in the first few months. Implementing a natural language IVR has greatly simplified our customer journey, and they now are immediately directed to the right skills center”

Chief Technical Officer (CTO)
French Top Tier Delivery & Logistics Group

In less than 3 months, we’ve seen a 30% decrease in the number of calls that agents must respond to. All callers receive an immediate answer, and agents can focus on requests that really require their attention

Customer Relationship Director
French Insurance Group, 2500 employees

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