From 0 to 36% of customer autonomy
in two months on a flow of
polluting phone calls

Head of Digital

@ French top tier Company, passenger transport

In 2018, calldesk started to work with the Digital Director of one of the French leading transportation companies’ head of digital. As part of a global approach to digital transformation of the group, her objective was to improve the customer’s experience by improving their autonomy.

A customer’s lack of autonomy on the voice channel

The group may have embarked on an ambitious transformation process to promote customer autonomy, with heavy investment in digital channels… But still, nearly 80% of customer interactions continue to take place over the phone. The call center receives more than 600,000 very simple or low value calls each year.

For customers, the support time is thus lengthened, and the quality of service is going down. As for the agents, treating these numerous and recurrent requests turns out to be a real source of dissatisfaction and boredom at work.

The goal: to offer an immediate and autonomous response on the voice channel

The Head of Digital’s goal is clear: find a quick solution to improve the experience offered to customers, while decreasing the number of polluting calls to handle. Any simple telephone request should benefit from a clear, reliable answer with no waiting time. Thus, the caller’s experience would be better, and agents would have more time to deal with complex requests, positioning themselves as solution providers. It is to obtain this ability that she decided to use calldesk.

The result: a selfcare rate increased from 0 to 36%

Thanks to exceptional team mobilization, three callbots were put into production in just two months. Today, the callbot is able to understand simple incoming requests, and to treat more than a third of them in full autonomy. In addition, customer service is now open to customers 24/7, which greatly enhances their experience.


Customer service available


Understanding rate

50 s.

Callbot AHT


Selfcare rate

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