Voice conversational AI
that makes your customers 

Automate repetitive calls in your contact center with conversational agents
that offer the best always-on call experience.

Why conversational AI?


Answer every
 phone call

Handle millions of calls, in more than 50 languages

Increase your customer satisfaction

Make your call center available 24/7, without 
any queue time


Free up your 
agents’ time

Automate up to 50% of incoming calls, focus on 
the high-value ones


Offer a smooth 
call experience

Talking to a conversational agent is as natural as to a human


Streamline your 
operator workload

Let the conversational AI automatically absorb load peaks


Build an agile customer service

Customize your conversational AI in an instant with our studio app

Automating complex calls
 need to be complicated

🗣 Conversational AI: a true virtual agent

Our conversational agents exchange with your customers in natural language in order to understand their question and provide the appropriate answer

🚀 Customer satisfaction 
actually increases

It is now possible to satisfy callers and enjoy productivity gains. Our voice agents provide a dependable and hiccup-free call experience to your customers

⏱ Crazy fast time to production

Evolve your customer relations with a dedicated calldesk customer success team that provides day-to-day support, from project kickoff to general deployment in production.

🕹 Tailor-made use cases

Deploy an effective conversational AI that meets your challenges in days, not months. Our voice agents are pre-trained to understand your callers’ demands thanks to millions of real life conversations.

How to dramatically increase your customer service productivity?

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Every unsatisfied customer can be turned into a brand ambassador. But this requires a real change of approach with your contact center…

Alexandre Courbin calldesk voicebot callbot
Alex Courbin
Marketing Manager @calldesk

Companies invest 10B€ per year in their customer relationship. Yet only one in 10 customers is satisfied with customer service. How can this gap be explained?

Vincent Gire CEO calldesk voicebot callbot
Vincent Gire, CEO
Interview @BFM Business

82% of callers are dissatisfied with DTMF IVRs. How can natural language IVR improve the situation and deliver a better customer experience?

Aimé Dushimire Calldesk voicebot callbot
Aime Dushimire
Co-founder @calldesk

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