How can AI improve the customer
experience in contact centers?

Vincent Gire CEO calldesk voicebot callbot
Vincent Gire, CEO
Interview @ BFM Business

23 septembre 2019

Companies invest 10B€ per year in their customer relationship. Yet only one in 10 customers is satisfied with customer services. How can this gap be explained?

[Watch Vincent GIRE’s interview on BFM by clicking here]

Every year in France, companies invest 10B€ in their customer relationship, to build more modern and efficient contact centers. However, there is an important delivery gap between the wished and the perceived image. While 80% of companies believe they have excellent customer service, only 8% of their customers agree with them.

How can this shift be explained, and how can it be fixed? To answer these questions, BFM Business has invited Vincent GIRE, calldesk’s co-founder and CEO. calldesk uses artificial intelligence to build the customer service of tomorrow.

Customer service that no longer fulfills its promise

Today, customer service has lost sight of its original mission: to turn unsatisfied callers into brand ambassadors. “Today, many company’s customer services are creating frustration for the customer: complicated call times, long waiting times, need to go through multiple parties to get an answer to his request …”, explains Vincent Gire. “We created calldesk to reduce these irritants,” he adds.

“By using artificial intelligence, we want to make customer service great again, and enable businesses to improve the experience they deliver.”

calldesk: AI ​​as a solution to the customer service’s limits ?

The problem of most contact centers today is that they can not absorb the entire incoming call flow. The reasons are numerous: call peaks, routing errors, many polluting calls…

calldesk therefore sets up voice chat agents called Voicebots or Callbots, which can communicate in natural language with the caller to process his request. Simple and repetitive requests are supported by a virtual agent, which frees up the time of human agents.

These conversational agents are able to understand the reason for a call, to direct it to the most competent teleoperator or even to process the end-to-end customer request, in a self-service logic.

Thanks to Voicebot, companies can offer 24-hour customer service, immediately available without waiting time, capable of abosrber peak loads.

The future: the virtual agent serving human agents ?

If the calldesk callbots already handle millions of calls per year and equip the customer service of more than twenty major accounts (La Poste, Enedis,, Swiss Life, Covea, CNP Insurance …), Vincent Gire concludes: “The virtual agent and the human agent have skills that are complementary, and that will not change in the future. The central competence of the human agent is the relationship. We will continue to build virtual agents for human agents“.

Watch Vincent GIRE’s interview on BFM by clicking here (FR)

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