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CNP Assurances increases agents productivity by 40% with their voice agent “Julie”

Testimonial of Wilfried Briand

Head of Digital Transformation Programs @ CNP Assurances


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Productivity gains for agents


Voice agent full selfcare rate

😥 Human agents overwhelmed with low value-added telephone inquiries

CNP Assurances is France’s leading provider of life insurance and term creditor insurance.

Previously, our agents were handling every single incoming call. This resulted in a significant waste of time and simply wasn’t efficient.

We wanted to better leverage the expertise of our agents by allowing them to focus on high value interactions and in-depth file processing.

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💁‍♀️ Julie, the voice agent that automates the simple requests’ processing

calldesk’s AI-powered voice agent allowed us to better filter calls and automate simple conversations, while providing a qualitative service for our customers with more complex issues.

We have named this new virtual agent “Julie“. 

We achieved a 90% understanding rate straight from deployment, which has exceeded our expectations.

This result met all of our expectations, and enabled us to make the project sustainable. Julie is now an integral part of our team! 

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