OUI sncf extends its customers’ autonomy with 3 voice agents

Testimonial by Evelyne Papon

Customer Digital Projects Europe Manager @ OUI sncf


Understanding rate

50 s.

Voice agent average handling time


Voice agent full selfcare rate


Customer service availability

☎️ Persistent telephone solicitations

OUI sncf, a subsidiary of the SNCF group, is the pioneer of e-tourism and the leader in e-commerce in Europe, with more than 16 million visitors per month.

In the last few years, we’ve launched many initiatives to promote customer autonomy on digital channels, through chatbots and dynamic FAQs for example.

However, we still receive close to 600 000 calls per year. To reduce the time spent on the phone by our agents, we decided to offer our customers the same autonomy on their preferred channel: voice.

🚀 Three voice agents deployed in less than 2 months

With its proprietary technology, calldesk has quickly met our needs.

Three voice agents were released into production in less than two months, thanks to both teams’ exceptional speed and agility.

We’re now answering customer calls 24/7, with no waiting time.

calldesk’s AI-powered voice agents allow our team to focus on more complex calls, in order to provide the most appropriate answer to every request, acting as Solution Makers.

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