Talkdesk and Calldesk partner to offer voice conversational AI in contact centers

Talkdesk and Calldesk partner to offer voice conversational AI in contact centers

October 15th, 2020 - Calldesk, the European pioneer in AI-powered voice agents, and Talkdesk, the cloud contact center for innovative enterprises, announced today a strategic partnership to accelerate the deployment of conversational AI in contact centers. Via the partnership with Calldesk, Talkdesk customers will now be able to leverage the advantages of conversational AI, by reducing the cost of processing simple requests and providing a better experience to their callers: a personalized response, 24/7, with no hold time, even during call peaks.

The Covid-19 crisis has accelerated the transition to cloud contact centers, due to an increase in customer queries as people began working from home. Calldesk’s AI-powered voice agents provide an innovative solution to automate repetitive calls in contact centers, in order to manage call spikes, avoid long queue times and continue to deliver the best customer experience.

We are excited to have Calldesk join the Talkdesk AppConnect partner community. Outstanding AI technology and industry expertise from Calldesk will strengthen and expand the Talkdesk offering,” said John Youri, senior vice president, global channels and alliances. “Talkdesk is driving the contact center industry forward with innovative solutions, providing companies the tools they need to make customer experience a competitive advantage”.

Automating repetitive calls to free up human agents' time

Thanks to this partnership, Talkdesk customers will be able to handle recurring incoming requests without the need of a human agent, who can focus on higher value-added tasks. Calldesk’s technology is natively designed for the voice channel, which accounts for more than 60% of interactions. An AI-powered voice agent can speak with callers like a human would, to automate repetitive call flows, partially or end-to-end.

Calldesk's technology can improve customer experience over the phone all along the callers’ journey: voice agents can greet and identify callers, understand their request, route them to the right competence center, measure post-call satisfaction, etc. Each voice agent automatically puts several speech-to-text technology providers in competition in real time during the same conversation, thus offering the best understanding performance.

Calldesk also offers a user-friendly studio, providing non-tech business users the ability to create and deploy AI-powered voice agents in a matter of days. Lastly, the solution easily integrates with Talkdesk, allowing to transfer calls from Talkdesk’s call flows to voice agents, then to get customer data back into Talkdesk.

40% of customer interactions automated with AI by 2023

And on the market side, the demand is already high: as the wave of the transition to Cloud Contact Centers is in full motion, AI takes on an increasing number of tasks, leading to the emergence of a cognitive contact center. According to Forrester, by 2023, 40% of customer interactions will be fully automated with AI. As of today, 31% of CIOs have already started deploying conversational AI initiatives - a 50% increase year-on-year.

We are very proud to announce this partnership with Talkdesk, with whom we share a strong culture of innovation and a profound desire to transform the world of customer service. Our technology operates natively in 30 languages, and we are counting on this alliance to accelerate our development in both Europe and North America, where there is a strong demand for innovative solutions serving to build a better customer experience.”

Vincent Gire - CEO, Calldesk

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calldesk - Alexandre Courbin (CMO) - +33 1 86 26 99 01

Talkdesk - Gavin Gustafson (PR) - - (801) 560-0073

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