The calldesk team

Discover the humans behind our voice agents!

Aimé Dushimire

Cofounder & Head of Sales

Vincent Gire

Cofounder & CEO

Victoire Heckmann

Head of Customer Success

Lucas Willemot

Head of Tech

Marjorie Gisserot

HR Manager

Anton Zanni

Head of Product

Damien Gallet

Technical Lead

Florian Lepetit

Enterprise Account Executive

Marianne Dubuard

Customer Success Manager

Federica Morello

Customer Success Manager

Alexandre Pielucha

Software Engineer

Eliott Buraco

Product Owner

Lyes Sadmi

Software Engineer

Louis Bolatre

Product Owner

Julien Zhang

Software Engineer

Elena Ciucci

Finance Officer

Thomas Mauranx

UI/UX Designer

Alexandre Courbin

Marketing Manager

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