[Inside calldesk] Understand our infrastructure and technical challenges

Published by Lucas Willemot (Engineering Manager) on
calldesk system architecture
When people call their customer service, it means that they have an issue they want to solve. In this context, they don't want to listen to Beethoven (even if it is great music!) for 20 minutes while waiting to speak to an agent.That's why calldesk works with the biggest Fre... Read More

[Inside Calldesk] How we built learning paths for our engineering team in 4 steps

Published by Lucas Willemot (Engineering Manager) on
calldesk engineering team hiking during an offsite
Evolution is one of the most crucial parts of employees' career development so that they can progress and evolve in their roles. One of the engineering manager's responsibilities is to provide support and the right resources to the employees, depending on their goals and personal objectiv... Read More

[Inside Calldesk] How we designed our engineering onboarding process

Published by Lucas Willemot (Engineering Manager) on
Over the past months, the engineering team has worked a lot to provide a very qualitative onboarding process to anyone who joins the team. We know that the first months as a new team member are crucial, especially because calldesk is building a complex product that requires time and effor... Read More

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