Managing AI-powered voice agents has never been easier

The calldesk studio is a simple and collaborative tool to build, monitor and improve your voice agents easily.

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The best caller experience with a voice agent.

Manage your voice agents on a daily basis with quality and quantity data

Access the KPIs of your voice agents at a glance
Monitor your customer effort (CES) over time
Read or listen to the calls' transcript
Easily identify opportunities for improvement

Adapt the behavior of your voice agents, day to day

Add flash messages in a few clicks
Define and enrich the intents to understand
Train your voice agents and improve understanding rate
Easily assess your model reliability

Create smooth conversations, with no code required

Choose your voice agents language, tone and voice
Edit your conversation's script in a few clicks
Save time with our ready-to-use modules

Gather your project team to work collaboratively

Add new members to your team
Define the rights of your team members
Align your teams towards the same goal

"The calldesk studio allows us to adapt our voice agents to day-to-day emergencies in minutes. This is extremely valuable to save our team's time".

Alex Candelier
Head of User Service Centre
La Poste

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Discover what our studio can do for you with a member of our team.