Automate repetitive calls in your customer service with AI-powered voice agents

Focus your teams on high-touch interactions to improve your customer satisfaction.

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Benefits of AI-powered voice agents

Automate repetitive inbound calls and increase your productivity

Digitize inbound phone calls

Process simple requests without involving your agents.

Divide the cost of handling calls

Automate conversations, partially or end-to-end.

Absorb call spikes easily

Handle the overflow 24/7 with voice agents.

Free up your team's time for high touch interactions

Save thousands of work hours

Automate low-value-added tasks.

Upskill your human agents

Improve your team's work well-being.

Create a memorable experience

Turn unsatisfied customers into brand ambassadors.

Increase your customer satisfaction over the phone

Empower your customers

Develop self-service over the phone channel.

Remove irritants from your customer journey

Offer a 24/7, immediately available customer service.

Unleash the full potential of the voice

Build smooth conversations in natural language.

Transform your contact center in depth to win the battle for customer retention

Offer the best experience to your callers

Combine human and AI to better serve your customers.

Maximize the productivity of your teams

Exceed your operational goals with AI.

Differentiate your brand over the long run

Create memorable experiences that your customers will remember!.

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"Thanks to calldesk, we've reassigned 20 FTEs to higher value-added tasks!"

Silvia Fabarro, Customer Department Manager - Enedis

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"Our voice agent Julie is there to guide and support our callers all along their journey"

Wilfried Briand, Head of Digital Transformation Programs - CNP Assurances

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Discover our 2021 ebook "How to develop self-service over the phone with AI-powered voice agents?"