AI-powered voice agents that makes your customers happy

Automate repetitive calls in your contact center with conversational AI that offers the best always-on call experience.

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They trust us 👇

30+ top tier actors have chosen calldesk to deploy a voice agent in production for their customers.

Why conversational AI?

Answer every phone call

Handle millions of calls in more than 50 languages

Increase your customer satisfaction

Make your call center available 24/7, without any queue time

Free up your team's time

Automate up to 50% of incoming calls, focus on the high-value ones

Offer a smooth call experience

Talking to a conversational agent is as natural as to a human

Streamline your operator workload

Let the conversational AI automatically absorb load peaks

Build an agile customer service

Customize your conversational AI in an instant with our studio app

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🗣 Conversational AI: a true virtual agent

First in line, your voice agent exchanges with your customers in natural language, understands their questions and provides the appropriate answer​s.

🚀 Customer satisfaction actually increases

It is now possible to both satisfy callers and reach productivity gains. Our voice agents provide a dependable and hiccup-free call experience to your customers​.

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⏱ Crazy fast time to production

Evolve your customer relations with a dedicated calldesk customer success team that provides day-to-day support, from project kickoff to general deployment in production

🕹 Tailor-made use cases

Deploy an effective conversational AI that meets your challenges in days, not months. Our voice agents are pre-trained to understand your callers’ demands thanks to millions of real life conversations​

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You're in good company

Discover why our customers are using calldesk

Alex Candelier, Head of user service center

We’ve deployed four AI-powered voice agents to offer our customers a phone selfcare service. The cost to handle simple requests over the phone has dropped by 70%!

Alex Candelier, Head of user service center — La Poste
Wilfried Briand, Head of Digital Transformation Programs

Thanks to our voice agent Julie, we can better filter calls and automate simple conversations, while providing the best quality of service to our customers.

Wilfried Briand, Head of Digital Transformation Programs — CNP Assurances
Silvia Fabarro, Customer, Territory and Europe Department

Calldesk has enabled us to automate over 80% of several single call streams. And our customer service is now available 24/7!

Silvia Fabarro, Customer, Territory and Europe Department — Enedis

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