Our vision: deliver happiness through customer service

Our vision: deliver happiness through customer service

Companies invest $350 billion annually in their contact centres. And yet, only 4 in 10 customers say they are satisfied with their customer journey when calling a customer service!

We all can relate: calling a customer service is too often a burden. We have all lived a catastrophic experience when trying to call a contact center. Waiting time, repetitions, impersonal treatment: many irritating points are damaging our customer experience.

Customer service shouldn't take weeks to solve our problems

To better understand our wish to create a better customer service, a quick look at calldesk's history is necessary.

After selling his previous company Wozaik, calldesk's future CEO and co-founder Vincent Gire left for a 6-month boat trip with his wife, sailing around the world. During the trip, she had trouble with her telephone operator, and as soon as they had network, they tried to call the customer service to find a solution.

The experience was terrible: they had to wait time several minutes before reaching an agent, had to explain their problem over and over again, were sent back and forth from one caller to another… It took not less than 6 calls, spread over 35 days, to find a solution.

A better customer service for all

This experience made Vincent realize the delivery huge gap between the original mission of customer service, and the real world. Back to France, he met Aimé Dushimire, and the two serial entrepreneurs founded calldesk in 2016, with a simple mission: delivering happiness through customer service, and make customers happy again when the call is over.

We now live in an era where technology allows us to reconcile two previously conflicting objectives: building a more efficient and at the same time less expensive customer service.

AI-powered voice agents help to build a better customer service

Conversational AI can interact with humans, using the most natural channel available: the voice.

By automating repetitive calls that require a simple, fast and immediate response, agents save thousands of hours and regain control of their time. They can then process their clients’ more complex or personal requests. Thanks to technology, customer service becomes more efficient, more responsive and more attentive… More human, in short!

By combining people and virtual agents, calldesk aims to allow each customer to immediately talk to the agent who will solve their problem. In the long run, we want to build a world where calling customer service is no longer a chore… and can even become a pleasure!

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