Build the voice agent that's right for your business

Capitalize on our use cases optimized thanks to millions of real-life conversations to create your tailor-made voice agent.

Our pre-optimized use cases

βœ” Caller identification

Instantly match every caller with your database. Our voice agents natively understand names, client numbers and contact information, enabling faster access to the caller’s customer account.

πŸ—£ Natural language IVR

No more tedious number combinations to be routed! Identify every call reason in a few seconds and forward every caller to the appropriate service.

πŸ•Ή Demand prequalification

Gather key data on every demand before transferring it to a human agent. Have them take the call with pre-filled context in order to reduce your average handling time


Are you receiving too many calls about simple, recurring questions? Instantly vocalize the answers without any caller queue time.

Do you have a specific use case?

Contact us to find out if your use case can be automated.

πŸ“… Appointment taking

Automatically setup a sales meeting, a home intervention or a call with an agent thanks to our appointment & callback use case.

πŸ“¨ Customer file follow-up

Your callers frequently want to know the status of their order, their file, or their package? This use case gives them the needed info without any intervention on your side.

πŸš‘ Insurance claim

Be available 24/7 to immediately support your insured callers when they need you the most.

🀝 Repayment simulation

Use a repayment voice agent to help your insured callers better understand their rights and conditions.

πŸ”– Support ticket creation

Automate ticket creation in your customer service and gain precious time in solving your customer issues.

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