Our partners are leaders in the customer relationship ecosystem

We have built strong strategic partnerships with leading players in customer relationship.

Established partnerships at all levels of the value chain

Contact center softwares

Easily deploy voice agents in your contact center thanks to our native integrations with leading softwares.

Technology integrators

Thanks to calldesk certifications®, your regular partners' teams are trained to build and integrate voice agents with your existing infrastructure.

Technology Suppliers

Partnerships with major technological players allow us to offer the best technical performance while ensuring the security of your customers' data.

The calldesk certifications®

For our partners' teams, obtaining calldesk certifications demonstrates their technical excellence in the use of our studio:

Bot Building®

This certification demonstrates the ability to build and deploy a functional voice agent in production thanks to the calldesk studio.

Call Monitoring®

This certification is designed for project managers who want to understand and improve their callers' experience on a daily basis.

Bot Supervision & Training®

This certification demonstrates the ability to use the studio to monitor the voice agent's performance and train artificial intelligence.

Discover our partners

Nice InContact

Leader on the contact center software market, Nice InContact offers a reliable and ergonomic solution hosted in the cloud: CX One.

Thanks to the native integration of CX One with calldesk, you can configure and deploy a voice agent in minutes.


Talkdesk is an enterprise cloud contact center and a “leader” in Gartner’s Contact Center as a Service Magic Quadrant.

Talkdesk offers a native integration with calldesk, allowing to easily deploy AI voice agents on call flows.

Amazon Web Services

A world leader in cloud computing, Amazon Web Services enables calldesk to leverage the most advanced technologies for security and resiliency.

In October 2020, calldesk has won the AWS' "Architecture of the Year" trophy.

SOFTEL Communications

With more than 20 years of experience, SOFTEL's international team of consultants creates and deploys enterprise solutions and software for customer relationship centers.

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A world leader in software and cloud computing, Microsoft provides a suite of cloud-based technology building blocks that are functional in 42 languages.

Since 2017, calldesk has been selected to integrate the "Microsoft for startups " program.


easiware is a multi-channel customer interaction management platform. Their simple and intuitive interface help customer services to develop customer satisfaction and grow brand love across all channels: email, chat, Whatsapp, phone, online reviews, etc.


Labeled FrenchTech, Axialys is a technology company that provides SMBs and key accounts with a SaaS software suite that allows them to manage their telephone system and customer relations efficiently, intuitively, and in the cloud.

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