Conversational AI: what impact on contact center productivity?

Conversational AI: what impact on contact center productivity?

Voice agents based on conversational AI are a real opportunity to increase the efficiency of the contact centre. Indeed, they are positioned on the customers' favourite channel: the telephone.

A personalized and continuous customer experience is an essential differentiating factor and a real opportunity to create more proximity with customers. At first glance, this objective seems difficult to achieve for many companies because contact volumes are constantly increasing. However, there is now a simple solution to significantly improve contact center efficiency: voice agents (callbots).

Voice agents are a real opportunity because, unlike chatbots, they are positioned on the customer's preferred channel i.e. the phone (+ 85% according to SP2C/E&Y) and do not create a break in the customer journey, like visual IVRs or other call avoidance strategies.

At calldesk we have deployed more than 20 voice agents that handle more than 1 million minutes per year for 15 CAC40 and SBF 120 customers. Through these various projects, we have identified three ways in which callbots contribute to improving contact center productivity while maintaining customer satisfaction levels.

40% end-to-end automation with Conversational AI

According to Gartner, by 2020, 25% of customer service operations will be automated. During our immersions, we found that with the right technology, an average of 40% of calls can now be automated. Voice agents can then focus on conversations with priority customers, as routine tasks such as order tracking, certificate requests or appointment changes are handled by the voice agents.

Conversational AI reduces average handling time by 1 minute on all inbound calls

One of the most effective productivity levers we have validated with our customers is customer identification through voice agents. By identifying the customer while waiting for an agent to be put in touch with him while transferring the context to this agent, we can save up to 1 minute of Average Handling Time (AHT) on all calls.

The AI voice agent reduces polluting calls by 50%

Finally, the voice agents can quickly disqualify polluting calls while offering fast routing to eligible callers thanks to the natural language customer greeting. With this new routing technology, you can finely capture call patterns, reduce customer effort in the IVR route and avoid up to 50% of polluting calls.

These new possibilities offered by artificial intelligence improve contact center productivity and thereby enhance the Collaborative Experience as advisors can focus on value-added interactions.

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