Our culture: four values to transform customer service

Our culture: four values to transform customer service

In a rapidly growing team, our culture is the proof we need that we’re still moving in the same direction in order to fulfill our vision: delivering happiness through customer service. Our four values were dear to our two founders and then to the initial team, and we make sure they are still living today, in both our individual or collective acts!

Our four values are Wow, Ownership, Embrace Change and Family. Whether during the recruitment process, onboarding or everyday life at calldesk, they aim to be a guide for all important decisions.

Value #1: Wow!

We all share the desire to go beyond the expectations of both our team and customers, and always deliver this little extra that differentiates good and great experiences. We do not just want to do things better than they already are – we want to do them differently, in order to create better customer service from which we can all benefit.

Value #2: Ownership

With us, taking responsibility is key! We can count on each other to advance our subjects effectively and independently. It is through responsibility that we learn, and develop. Our level of self-requirement reflects in the value we’re able to bring to our customers.

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Value #3: Embrace change

A Forbes journalist recently summarized our vision of customer service: customer service is a $350 Billion industry, and it's a mess.

Transforming a hundred-billion industry is not always a quiet work… But we’re convinced that changing how customer service works is necessary! So we know how to experiment, we know how to fail, and we know how to learn from our mistakes. We want to continually question the status quo, and adapt to a changing environment.

Value #4: Family

Because the startup adventure is often intense, we know that we can rely on each other to work in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. We celebrate small victories together (often sharing croissants), and there is always someone to give us a hand in difficult times. Finally, our customers find with us the listening and availability they need to work with confidence... and it works!

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