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Our dream team

Driven by our desire to use AI to create better customer service, we want to build a company capable of bringing a new vision of what is a great customer relationship. For that, we’re building a talented team that can help transform the way too many customer services are still working today.

The human aspect has always had a central place for us: Marjorie, our HR manager, was the eighth team member! After three years of existence, we’re now more than 30 people, our goal is to continue to grow by attracting the best candidates. We don’t recruit candidates based on their age or school, but on their skills.

Shoot for the moon!

We want to keep growing without losing our culture. Kindness, mutual assistance and growing skills are at the heart of our values, and let’s be honest: we all prefer to work in a good atmosphere, so the open space is often lively!

To preserve this family spirit we like, we’ve created a lot of initiatives: Thursday team drinks, offsite twice a year, welcome dinners, sport sessions together… And most importantly: every lunch is an opportunity to try out a new restaurant in the Petites Ecuries street.

Feeling curious?

Joining calldesk means taking on the promise to quickly learn a lot, in a fast-growing company where humility and kindness are not empty words. We are tripling our workforce every year, and we have a lot of offers: product, tech, design, marketing, sales, customer success, HR, admin & support…

The best way to feel if the calldesk culture is right for you is still to discuss it in person. So do not hesitate to check our job offers by clicking here! See you soon…

Also behind the curtain...

Deliver happiness through customer service“. We believe in a world where calling customer service make people happy.

Wow, ownership, family, embrace change… Discover the values that have been our DNA from the beginning.

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