Enedis reduces by 80% the handling of energy suppliers calls with a voice agent


Silvia Fabarro

Customer, Territory and Europe Department Manager

Voice agent KPIs in production

370 000

Calls per year


Understanding rate


Average handling time (AHT)


Inbound calls reduction

Enedis, electricity grid operator in France

« Enedis is the electricity distribution operator in metropolitan and continental France, a wholly-owned subsidiary of EDF Group and responsible for managing and developing 95% of the electricity distribution network in France.

In this context, Enedis has the obligation to guarantee access to the electricity grid to the customers of electricity suppliers, i.e. more than 35 million customers. »

20 FTEs assigned to repetitive and low value-added calls

« At Enedis, we handle nearly 370,000 calls annually from our energy supply partners searching for a “Delivery Point Number“.

For these simple and routine calls, the intervention of a human agent provides little added value. However, the equivalent of 20 FTEs were mobilized to process these requests.

We therefore decided to automate the handling of these calls using a virtual voice agent. »

80% of the call flow automated thanks to voice agent

« Our virtual voice agent, based on calldesk technology, allows us to process these requests as a human agent would on the phone.

Within the first months of deployment in production, we have noticed an understanding rate of more than 90%. The final result is very satisfactory since nearly 80% of the calls related to the search of a “Delivery Point Number” are handled entirely by the voice agent.

This allows our agents to focus on high value-added tasks and better manage incoming calls. »

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