La Poste improves simple phone requests handling and reduces its cost by 70%


Alex Candelier

Head of User Service Centre

Voice agent KPIs in production


Contacts over the phone


Understanding rate

75 sec.

Average handling time (AHT)


Full self-service rate

La Poste’s service centre: millions of incoming calls a year

« My name is Alex Candelier, and I'm managing director for La Poste's mail division's user service center.

Every year, La Poste handles millions of inbound calls for simple requests like “where is my order” or “The postman didn’t come by today. »

AI-voice agents offer telephone selfcare while increasing satisfaction

« In order to alleviate the pressure on our contact centers, we’ve deployed four AI-powered voice agents to offer our customers a phone selfcare service that’s on par with our customer experience expectations.

calldesk’s technology has rapidly delivered a high understanding rate on complex entities such as family names or mail addresses on a national scale. »

From one to four voice agents in production within a few months

« With ROI validated within the first months following deployment, we quickly deployed new use cases. Today, we have four voice agents running in production!

In addition, we appreciate that calldesk’s offering is easy to modify and iterate based on the conversational agent’s behavior, thanks to an easy-to-use platform and very responsive support! »

Automate repetitive calls in your contact center

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