“Our conversational AI should allow us to automate 500,000 calls a year. The calldesk teams accompanied us to guarantee the voice agent resiliency in front of this increasing workload. We’ve really found the right way to work together!”

Claude Desmoucelles
Head of Operations, Shared Services @ Dalkia

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“Before working with calldesk, our agents were handling every single incoming call. This resulted in a significant waste of time and simply wasn’t efficient

Wilfried Briand
Head of Digital Transformation Programs

“We’ve deployed four AI-powered voice agents to offer our customers a phone selfcare service that’s on par with our customer experience expectations”

Alex Candelier
Head of the user service centre

“The final result is very satisfactory since nearly 80% of the calls related to the search of a “Delivery Point Number” are handled entirely by the voice agent”

Silvia Fabarro
Customer, Territory and Europe Department

“Three voice agents were released into production in less than two months, thanks to both teams’ exceptional speed and agility. We’re now answering customer calls 24/7, with no waiting time.”

Evelyne Papon
Customer Digital Projects, Europe Manager

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It is now possible to satisfy callers and enjoy productivity gains. Our voice agents provide a dependable and hiccup-free call experience to your customers.

Our voice agents are pre-trained to understand your callers’ demands thanks to millions of real life conversations. This built-in knowledge enables you to deploy an effective project in days, not months.

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