Automate repetitive calls in your customer service with virtual agents

Boost your customer service with a virtual agent able to assist your callers all along their journey over the phone.

100 000 calls handled each day by our virtual agents 👇

How can virtual agents improve your customer journey?

The virtual agent can perform one or more of these missions:

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They use calldesk

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"Thanks to a validated ROI in a few months, we quickly expanded usage. We have 3 virtual agents in production today."

Alex Candelier - Director of the Support Center @ The French Post

"Our virtual agent was implemented in less than a month. Today, 80% of customers are getting to the end of the conversation!"

Silvia Fabarro - Customer Service Manager
@ Enedis

"What convinced us was the performance of the virtual agents right from deployment, with comprehension rates above 90%."

Wilfried Briand - Digital Transformation Director @ CNP Assurances

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How to implement a virtual agent in your customer service?

Discover in video how to build, supervise and improve your virtual agents easily.


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